How It Works

Glucophage Prescription Discounts Are Now Available!

Glucophage is the most commonly prescribed oral drug for diabetes.  If you’re a patient trying to receive help paying for your prescription you’re in the right place.

MyMedsSavingsCard is a free discount drug card program that can save you money on the prescriptions you need.  Millions of people in the United States don’t have prescription drug coverage.  Through the efforts our Pharmacy Benefit Manager we leverage a large network of uninsured and underinsured individuals and negotiate discounts with pharmacies all across the United States.










Glucophage Discount Details

  • MyMedsSavingsCard is FREE.  How are we able to do this?  Pharmacies reimburse us for our marketing efforts
  • Our card can be used at over 60,000 participating pharmacies across the U.S, including most major chains
  • MyMedsSavingsCard is not insurance and it can’t be used in conjunction with any kind of prescription coverage
  • It works with all prescription medications, not just Glucophage
  • Everyone qualifies, there’s no age or income restrictions
  • Listed savings are based on the pharmacies usual and customary price  

Get Started Now…Here’s How!

  1. Signup On Our Form (at the top of the home page), Just Print Your Name And You’re Activated
  2. Print Your Card
  3. Bring It To A Participating Pharmacy
  4. Re-Use it Monthly



MyMedsSavingsCard does not guarantee a discount.  Factors such as the drug and its prescribed dosage, as well as the pharmacy, location and the volume of cardholders ordering the drug all play a part in determining price and benefit.  MyMedsSavingsCard can’t be combined with your insurance.