How It Works


MyMedsSavingsCard is partnering with a few select organizations that we feel can provide a service to our loyal cardholders.  If you have an organization that you feel might be a good fit for us please contact us.

  • CoPatient is a medical bill review and negotiation service that protects consumers against medical billing errors and overcharges. We review all medical bills and deliver a free estimated savings report. Then, our team of expert medical billing advocates will negotiate with providers and hospitals to save the consumer money. We review all medical bills from simple doctors appointments to complicated hospital stays, visits to the emergency room, and everything in between. Get started today at
  • AdvoCare provides innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products. Their vitamins and supplements provide a jump start to those motivated to leading healthier lives by losing weight and regaining energy.  Visit their website and consider their 24-Day Challenge!  (MyMedsSavingsCard cannot be applied to discounts with their products).