How It Works

MyMedsSavingsCard Offers Prescription Discounts For Seniors

Drug prices keep going up and up.  For seniors that live on a fixed income, a FREE discount drug card offers relief and considerable savings.  MyMedsSavingsCard is the perfect answer for seniors who are stuck in the doughnut hole.  Save up to 80% from your pharmacy’s usual and customary prices.  You can even save up to 15% off brand-name prescription medications.

So…How Do We Do It?

You might be asking yourself this question.  How is this card free and how do manage to provide discounts on prescription drugs.  MyMedsSavingsCard has a partnership with BioScrip, a leader in comprehensive pharmacy services.  BioScrip works as our Pharmacy Benefits Manager and through that relationship we leverage discounts with over 60,000 pharmacies across the nation.  The discounts vary per drug.  In some instances there may not be any savings at all.  

Pharmacies understand the growing cost of drugs is an enormous burden to individuals that don’t have coverage for drug medications.  Pharmacies also understand that there is money to be made from offering discounts to the uninsured or those that might have pre-existing conditions, as well as to seniors stuck in the doughnut hole.

MyMedsSavingsCard is not insurance and can’t be used in conjunction with an insurance plan.  If you have any questions regarding MyMedsSavingsCard don’t hesitate to email our owner, Scott Whitney,   He’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Print your FREE discount prescription drug card today and you’ll be instantly activated to start saving money.